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Welcome to your new home. We want to let you know we're glad you are here and we hope your move goes smoothly. If there is anything we have overlooked in making your dwelling ready for you, please bring it to our attention. If there is anything we can help you with, just let us know. Thank you once again for renting from Greystone Properties.

The following information was prepared to answer common questions.  Some of the dialog below is included in our lease agreement, and is being revisited to highlight a few important points.   Please note these guidelines are used company wide, however some of our properties, particularly those which are single family homes, are exempt from many of the below items.  Please call for clarification if you have any questions.


Rent is due on or before the FIRST day of each MONTH.  After the first, rent is late.  An initial late fee of $20 is applied to any rent paid after the fifth day, plus a daily fee of $5 per day for each day the rent is past due.  These late fees will be enforced.  Any rental check returned for insufficient funds will be assessed an additional $20 returned check fee.  In addition, late fees will be assessed until such time as the check clears or cash is substituted.




This sheet must be returned within one week after moving in. Everything is assumed to be in satisfactory and good working condition, otherwise.   Back to top


Insurance coverage maintained by the owner does not protect residents from loss of personal property by fire, theft, water damage, etc.  Residents are advised that they should obtain a policy of household contents insurance protecting their household goods and personal property.   Back to top


Do not cram disposals with food, or put any foreign object in them.  Run cold water continuously to flush disposal and cool the motor while running.  Residents should try to clean out and un-jam units themselves as the resident causes most problems and the service calls caused by resident’s actions will be charged to them.  If the disposal is jammed DO NOT use the dishwasher as they share a common drain line and the overflow may drain into the washer.   Back to top


Sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, and similar items will clog toilet and sink drainage pipes.  Resident will be charged the repair fee if any of these items are found by the maintenance people to have caused the problem.   Back to top


Please keep any balconies, porches, and other exterior common areas neat and free of bicycles, mops, brooms, drying towels, trash, articles of clothing, toys, etc.   Back to top


Basic ant and roach extermination will be provided as needed for the first 30 days of the lease period, after which it is the residents responsibility.  An unsanitary dwelling with grease and food particles on the floor, under the stove, or in the closets is a breeding ground for roaches.  Once established, they are very hard to control, therefore we ask for your cooperation.   Back to top


All window breakage is the responsibility of the resident.  Screens should not be removed.  Damage or missing screens will be charged to the resident.  The cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to the resident if the problem is due to theft, negligence, or vandalism.  Aluminum foil, cardboard, etc. must not be placed over windows.   Back to top


Please be courteous to your neighbors, do not take up two spaces with one vehicle, park on the grass, double park, etc.  Yard damage will be charged to the offending residents.  Illegally parked cars are subject to being towed away.  Vehicles leaking oil or other fluid must be immediately repaired.  Damaged to pavement is very costly to repair.  Guests are the responsibility of their host.
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Bicycles, skateboards, and roller-blades are not allowed to be used on the grounds of apartment communities.   Back to top


Apartment common grounds are for your enjoyment.  We need your help in keeping them litter free.  Please do not leave boats, mopeds, motorcycles, etc. on the sidewalks, stairways, and or grassy areas.  Obstruction of entranceways and passageways violate city fire codes.  Please do not spray paint near the sidewalks or pavements, over-spray is usually not removable.   Back to top


Existing locks are to be used by the resident.  There shall be no changing or altering of existing locks by residents.  (This includes additions of new locks.)  A request to have locks changed or added must be accompanied by an advance payment to the management equal to the full cost of the effort.  If your locks do not work properly, notify the management immediately.    Back to top


Maintenance is done on a regular and "as needed" basis.  Please report items that may need attention directly to the repairman by calling the maintenance phone number provided.  This will insure an accurate interpretation of the problem and materials necessary to make the repair.  The resident in NOT allowed to contract for repairs and deduct the cost from the rent.  Please report leaky faucets, etc. immediately, as utility costs are a major concern.  Keeping costs down is the best way to keep rates down.   Back to top


Resident should wash non-disposable (foam rubber) filters every 2 months.  Residents of single-family residences are responsible for changing furnace filters twice annually.   Back to top


Waterbeds are allowed.   Back to top


Responsible pets are allowed with a one-time $400 non-refundable pet fee, or $200 if paid in advance of the pet entering your residence.   Back to top


Parents are responsible for their children at all times.  Minors are not allowed to run loose or climb trees, fences, etc.  Children are to be under the control of a parent or guardian at all times.   Back to top


Your storm door is your responsibility, please see that it is latched.  If the wind catches it, you are responsible for damages done, which includes tearing the screen and/or springing the hinges.   Back to top


Commercial businesses may not be conducted from the premises.  No occupants other than those listed on the lease are allowed.  Subletting is not allowed without prior written consent fro the management.  Residents shall not use or keep on the premises any flammable or combustible fluid or materials.  Once the lease is signed, the residents are expected to honor all terms.  Each is jointly and severally liable for the lease contract.  If the lease agreement is violated, the owner may bring suit against one or all the residents and/or file against their credit ratings.   Back to top


It is acceptable for the residents to divide the payment of the deposit between themselves, but legally, the deposit is for the apartment; if one of the roommates moves out before the other, no prorated refund would be made until the unit is totally vacant.   Back to top


Deductions are made from security deposits only for just cause.  Such charges include any replacement of damaged or missing fixtures, appliance parts, or other items furnished new residents including light bulbs.  Labor charges include installation or services in the nature of necessary cleaning, patching, sanding, etc.  Cleaning charges include the cost of supplies.  If you do not clean or repair the damaged or soiled items prior to moving out, charges will be deducted from your security deposit based upon the attached, but incomplete, schedule.  Items not on the list will be charged on a "cost plus labor" basis.   Back to top


Upon receipt of your notification to vacate, we will begin advertising your residence and reserve the right to show it to prospective residents.  We appreciate your cooperation during this time.  We will make every effort to contact you in advance, but may show with a pass-key when necessary.

Close to the time of move-out, reread your attached move-out directions, which will guide you in leaving the dwelling in acceptable condition and result in a larger deposit refund.  Checkouts are done after you move out, and an itemized list of any deductions will be sent to you.  (See list of price deductions.)  The CHECKOUT LIST assesses the condition or your residence when you move out.  The MOVE-IN INVENTORY assesses the condition of your residence when you move in.  Be sure you have a copy or your Move-in-inventory.  Deposit refunds will be issued within 30 days or less, if you have provided the management with a forwarding address.   Back to top


In order that we may refund your deposit and make no additional charges, PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING:

The apartment must be well cleaned for new residents.  This is very important.  The following cleaning list is used to make each apartment ready for the new resident.  The less the cleaning people have to do, the more refund you will receive.

  1. STOVE:  Clean oven, broiler pan, burner pans, and underneath burners.  (Most     stovetops lift off for easy cleaning.)  Use an "Easy Off" type cleaner for the inside.  Clean outside, underneath, and behind the stove.

  2. VENT HOOD: Clean greasy residue from inside and outside of hood.  Aluminum filter may be washed in sink or dishwasher.

  3. DISHWASHER:  Clean front and inside. 

  4. REFRIGERATOR:  Clean inside, outside, underneath and behind  Leave the refrigerator set on low.  

  5. BATHROOM:  Clean sink, tub, counter tops, cabinet, toilet, and floor completely.

  6. CARPET/VINYL FLOORS: Vacuum, mop, and leave undamaged, unstained, and ODOR FREE.

  7. WOODWORK AND DOORS: Wash off fingerprints and spots.

  8. CABINETS AND CLOSETS: Remove all shelf paper if needed, all decals, coat hangers, trash, etc.  Damp wipe clean.

  9. WINDOWS:  Clean inside panes (with Windex equivalent) sills, and frames.

  10.  Dust miniblinds.

  11. WALLS:  Remove all nails, tacks, tape, etc.  

  12. LIGHTS:  Clean fixtures and REPLACE BURNED-OUT BULBS.  


  14. LEAVE FORWARDING ADDRESS.  Deposits are refunded by mail only, after the cleaning and inspection teams have completed the checkout.  Back to top




Kitchen: Stove and Vent hood $5.00-10.00
Oven 15.00-30.00
Drip Pans 3.00- 5.00 ea.
Refrigerator/Freezer 10.00-40.00
Cabinets and Counter Tops 10.00-30.00
Dishwasher 5.00-10.00
Floor 25.00 & up
Tub/Shower 10.00-20.00
Shower Door 5.00-10.00
Commode 5.00-10.00
Sinks, Cabinets, Shelves 5.00-25.00
Floor 25.00 & up
Carpet Cleaning 50.00-99.00
Trash and Debris Removal 15.00-99.00
Drapes/Blinds 15.00-30.00
Deodorizing Carpet 50.00 per room
Floors 25.00 & up
Porches, Balconies, Storage 10.00 & up
Window Cleaning 5.00 & up
Oven racks 10.00 ea
Broiler Pan 20.00 ea
Ice Cube Trays 3.00 ea
Refrigerator Drawers or Shelves 10.00-20.00
Appliance Handles 10.00-15.00 ea
Cabinet Knobs  2.50- 5.00 ea
Sink Stopper/Drain Basket 4.00 ea
Counter Top 50.00 & up
Towel Bar 10.00
Toilet Tissue Holder 10.00
Shower Head 10.00
Shower Rod 15.00
Commode Seat and Lid 15.00
Medicine Cabinet 25.00
Mirrors 20.00-60.00
Tub and Sink Stoppers 5.00 & up
Window Glass 25.00 & up
Window Screen 15.00 & up
Door Screen 15.00 & up
Patio Door Glass 50.00 & up
Patio Door Screen 30.00-60.00
Interior Door 50.00-100.00
Exterior Door 100.00-200.00
Blinds: 15.00-50.00 ea.
Door Keys 10.00 ea
Mailbox Keys 10.00 ea
Pool Key 5.00 ea
Smoke Detector 10.00
Light fixture 10.00-50.00
Light Bulbs 1.00 ea
Smoke Detector Battery 5.00
Patching nail and screw holes 2.00 ea
Patching large hole in wall 10.00 & up
Painting one average size room 45.00
Touch up painting 20.00 & up
Torn Wallpaper 20.00 & up
Torn Vinyl Flooring 25.00 & up

Note:  We reserve the right to revise this price list as costs of materials and labor change.   Back to top

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